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                  泰田重工液壓機械制造有限公司,1978年創始于中國臺灣,1998年在 中國廈門全面投產,2017年為了更好服務客戶,節約運輸成本,生產中 心戰略轉移至中國最大最好中厚板基地一一河南舞鋼,我公司目前專業 生產1-16000噸金屬鍛壓成型和復合材料模壓成型機為主的生產廠家,一 直以來以生產高精密、高品質油壓\液壓機著稱,迄今已在國內外業界建 立了良好的口碑與信用。

                  公司在不斷發展中尋求創新與突破,不斷自我要求與成長,從設計、 制造、品檢至售后服務均嚴格按照ISO標準嚴格管理和執行,具備齊全 精良的硬件設備,如大型數控等離子火焰切割機,大型數控加工中心, 大型1200KW退火爐,大型龍門鏜銑床,大型搖臂鉆,各種高精密測量 儀器等,形成了強大的制造和質量控制能力。高水準的技術開發隊伍, 形成了油壓(液壓)機等完整的自動化機電產品陣營,并已全面通過 ISO9001:2008,SGS,CE,CSA專業認證。

                  公司在發展過程中,十分重視人才的開發和培養,擁有一批不斷追 求創新、技術過硬的專業人才,具備強大的開發實力和豐富的質量控制、 產品設計經驗,具有強大的市場競爭能力,始終為客戶提供高性價比, 高性能的優質產品。

                  泰田重工順應技術發展潮流,為客戶提供超值而永無間斷的優質產 品與服務,我們將本著務實的合作態度和靈活多變的經營策略,歡迎廣 大新老客戶光臨指導。

                  Taitian Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacture Co., founded in 1978 in Taiwan and was moved to the Xiamen, the mainland  of China for large scale production in 1998;In order to offer better service to customer and save transportation cost, Taitian has  moved the production center toChina's largest and best medium plate base-WugangCity,Henan Province.Taitian Machinery is  specialized in manufacturing 1-16000 tons hydraulic presses for metal forming/forging and composite molding,it has been well -known for its high precision and good quality hydraulic presses and has established good brand and credit at home and abroad.       

                  We are always on the way of pursuing technical innovation and breakthrough during  our own development and growth. The  good quality is subject to our strict ISO management of design, manufacture, inspection and after-sales service.TaitianMachinery  is well equipped with superior hardware equipments, such as large CNC plasma flame cutting machine, large CNC machining  center, 1200KW annealing furnace, heavy duty boring and milling machines, radial drilling machines and more and also precise  testing equipments, like vibrators for detecting vibration age, voltage withstand testers, noise meters etc, all contributing to our  strong manufacturing capability and good quality control ability. Our high standard technological development team impels  complete set of automatic, electromechanical and hydraulic products to be formed. Taitian Hydraulic is an ISO, SGS, CE and CSA  certified company.      

                  In the process of development, we have been attaching great importance to developing and cultivating talents. Thus, we  enjoy a number of professional and skilled talents who are committed to innovation and improvement. We are proud of high  manufacturing capacity, good ability to design and develop, rich experience in quality control management as well as high  competitiveness and all time pursuit of offering cost-effective and quality assured presses.      

                  Taitian Hydraulic has been conforming to the latest trend of technology development. Sincere and credible attitude, flexible  business strategy, high quality products and perfect service are rendered to all our home and abroad customers. We assure you  a worthwhile cooperation with us on your project and sincerely look forward to your visit and guidance and long-term  cooperation with your esteemed company in the near future.

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